Taste assessment and optimization of oral formulations

Taste assessment and optimization of oral formulations


David Tisi, M.S.
(Senopsys LLC)

The development of palatable oral formulations is important to dosing compliance, particularly for children. This is bolstered by regulations in the United States and European Union that stimulate research into the development of drug products for pediatric dosing. Many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are known to be bitter or have other undesirable sensory attributes including smell or trigeminal irritation. In addition, excipients used to increase drug solubility or for preservation, for example, are known to create or exacerbate the taste masking challenge. This presentation will provide an overview of sensory perception and strategies available to the formulator to develop palatable drug products. Case examples will be used to illustrate key principles of taste assessment and optimization of drug products. Topics include:
  • Anatomy and physiology of taste and smell
  • Fundamentals of perception (Psychophysics)
  • Sensory analysis methods
  • Quantitative taste assessment tools
  • Taste acceptance testing with children
  • Formulation strategies for optimizing the palatability of drug products

Date and Location

Oct 27th, 2022

5:30 PM

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Hanover marriott, whippany, NJ

About the speaker

David Tisi leads the pharmaceutical taste assessment and taste masking operations at Senopsys LLC. David has spent his career at the intersection of food and pharmaceutical technology and is skilled in the art and science of taste masking with 15 years of experience developing palatable formulations, including investigational and approved drugs across a diverse range of indications and dosage forms. His expertise includes sensory analysis, taste modulation, flavor construction and processing technology - applying food science approaches to the unique challenges of pharmaceuticals. David received an MS in Food Science from Cornell University and worked as a formulator for PepsiCo and Nestle prior to supporting the pharmaceutical industry at Senopsys. David is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the Institute of Food Technologists and has several patents issued and pending relating to improving palatability of food and drug products.

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