Meeting Schedule

Date Speakers Topic Location Sponsors
Sept 19, 2019

Ying Zhang (FDA)

Integrated Manufacturing Assessment for A/NDAs Hanover Marriott



Oct 17, 2019 Paul Reichert (Merck) Microgravity biologics crystallization processes on board the International Space Station Hanover Marriott


There will be no November 2019 meeting


Dec 5, 2019 Steven Passik (Collegium Pharma) Addressing the Components and Complexities of Coordinated Care Seasons Restaurant, Washington Twp, NJ




Jan 16, 2020 Ajaz Hussain (NIPTE) Managing Pharmaceutical Quality over a Product’s Life-cycle: Challenges and Solutions Hanover Marriott


Feb 20, 2020 Panelists from industry & academia Roundtable discussion on pediatric drug development Hanover Marriott



Fuji Chemical Industries

Quotient Sciences

Mar 19, 2020 David Cipolla (Insmed) The Journey of Inhalation Pharmaceutical Development: Inspiration, Innovation and Perseverance Hanover Marriott


 JRS Pharma

Apr 16, 2020

Cassandra Taylor, Ph.D. (FDA)

 FDA’s Role in Regulation of Cannabis Products

Hanover Marriott


IOI Oleo

May 21, 2020 Alton Johnson, Ph.D. To be announced Hanover Marriott