Microencapsulation:  Insights and Future

Microencapsulation: Insights and Future


James Oxley, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist, Southwest Research Institute


With over 100 years of history, and decades of applied use in pharmaceuticals, microencapsulation is an important integral part of pharmaceutical products. Common atomization, spray coating, and emulsion-based processes serve as a foundation for controlled release products, supported by incremental developments to push the boundaries of legacy performance. Combined with novel formulations, micro- and nanoencapsulation continue to serve as a primary platform for the stabilization and controlled delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Building on SwRI’s 70-year history in the field of controlled release, this presentation will highlight some unique insight into common challenges and paths forward for encapsulation in pharmaceuticals. Additional information will be presented regarding the future of microencapsulation, including the advantages and disadvantages of emerging technologies.

Date and Location

Dec 9th, 2021

4:00 PM

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About the speaker

James D. Oxley, Ph.D. is a Staff Scientist in the Microencapsulation section at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®) in San Antonio, TX, USA. Dr. Oxley directs staff engaging in contract research pertaining to encapsulation and controlled release. Through his work over the past seventeen years at SwRI, Dr. Oxley has collaborated with hundreds of clients to develop encapsulated and controlled release products for use in various applications, including pharmaceuticals. Dr. Oxley is former Secretary on the board for the Controlled Release Society, Steering Committee member for the Bioencapsulation Research Group, and a member of the American Chemical Society..


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