Thin Films for Pediatric Formulations with Metered Dosing Capabilities. plus the 2018 Graduate Scholarship Awards

Thin Films for Pediatric Formulations with Metered Dosing Capabilities. plus the 2018 Graduate Scholarship Awards

2018 Graduate Scholarship Awards

Graduate students in pharmaceutics from around the tri-state area will present their research, and scholarships will be awarded to the authors of the best posters

and keynote presentation

Thin Films for Pediatric Formulations with Metered Dosing Capabilities

Prof. Rajesh N. Davé (NJIT)


Polymer thin films loaded with drugs have garnered significant attention for their potential for patient compliance and continuous manufacturing. Recent work from our group and elsewhere has shown that apart from their patient compliance, they are also an ideal platform for precision or metered dosage delivery. That is due to two-dimensional format and high potential for excellent drug content uniformity per area, achievable if formulated and manufactured properly. In contrast to belief that they are only suitable for very low dosage and must be formed using drug solutions, our work has shown that this form is ideally suited to delivery of very poorly water-soluble drugs. By incorporating drug in form of engineered nano and micro sized particles, the drug dissolution rate is enhanced by preserving the high surface area through uniform particle dispersion and size/form control. The robustness of this approach is demonstrated using multiple BCS Class II drugs where the drug as a stable suspension or in dry micronized powder form may be mixed with film-forming polymeric solutions and then caste as films and dried to form stabilized drug nano or micro composite structures. It is shown that the film matrix may be designed to impart desired functionality to the final product. Examples are included to show film formed using nanosuspensions produced from wet stirred media milling (WSMM), liquid-antisolvent precipitation, melt-emulsion solid particle formation, as well as dry jet milled powders with surface modification. Overall, the films exhibited very good mechanical properties, improved drug content uniformity, and achieved fast drug dissolution. This presentation will highlight some of these results with a hope that they set the foundation for continuously operating process development of films along with flexible dosage dispensing for pediatric drug delivery applications.


Date and Location

Thurs May 17th, 2018

Registration & poster viewing: 5:00 PM
Dinner, keynote presentation & scholarship awards: 6:30 PM

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About the speaker

Prof. Rajesh Davé is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, at New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Site Leader of NSF-Engineering Research Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems. He is also the founding Director of the R&D Excellence Center, New Jersey Center for Engineered Particulates. His current research expertise includes engineered particulates with special emphasis on pharmaceuticals products. His research contributions include 160+ journal papers (~6,000 Scopus citations), numerous invited/keynote presentations as well as fourteen issued and dozen pending patents. He has received numerous awards, most recently, 2015 AIChE PTF Lectureship Award in Fluidization. He has granted 30 PhDs to students at NJIT, six of those are currently in US academia. He is currently Executive Editor and Chief U.S. Editorial Board of Advanced Powder Technology, an Elsevier Journal.

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