The Journey of Inhalation Pharmaceutical Development: Inspiration, Innovation and Perseverance

The Journey of Inhalation Pharmaceutical Development: Inspiration, Innovation and Perseverance

David Cipolla, PhD
(Insmed Incorporated)


It may come as a surprise that many of the early therapies developed to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were initially given orally or by injection and were later repositioned as inhaled products. This includes epinephrine, corticosteroids and the selective beta-2 agonists. In hindsight, the rationale for this change in delivery format appears obvious. Very little of the dose administered orally or by injection typically reaches the lung; thus, higher doses must be administered to be effective. Pharmaceutical development rarely follows the linear path that was originally outlined, and the target product profile often changes due to external factors or internal challenges. This presentation will focus on the surprises that arise in development and how perseverance, inspiration, and innovation are required to achieve the goal of product approval.

Date and Location

Thurs Jan 16th, 2020

Registration & social hour: 5:30 PM
Dinner & presentation: 6:30 PM

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Hanover Marriott

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About the speaker

David holds a chemical engineering degree from MIT (SB) and UC Davis (MS) and a pharmacy degree from the University of Sydney (PhD). David’s career has focused on the development of formulation and drug delivery technologies to support pharmaceutical product development. David is currently the VP of Research at Insmed, Inc, where he is part of a team developing novel, targeted therapies to help serve the critical unmet needs of patients battling serious rare diseases. Prior to joining Insmed in 2018, David was VP Preclinical Research at Aradigm (1996 to 2018) covering all phases of product development and prior to Aradigm David worked at Genentech, Inc. (1988 to 1996) developing and characterizing the delivery of protein aerosols to the airways, culminating with the approval of Pulmozyme® rhDNase for the management of cystic fibrosis in 1993. David served as chair of IPAC-RS (2006-2008), chair of the ISAM Regulatory Affairs Working Group (2009-2010; 2017-2019) and ISAM Board Member (2011-2015).


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